An abundance of winter weather is expected across the northern half of the country during the upcoming winter season. 
<p>With nearly 51 million Americans predicted to travel this week, the Pacific Northwest and Great Lakes regions will face the highest threat of delayed travel this week.</p>
A sea view sometimes comes at a price; the relentless onslaught of wind and water will take its toll over the years, sometimes taking away the very floor beneath your feet. Find out how these houses have fallen victim to the elements...
Scientists have warned that a slowing down of Earth's rotation speed could indicate a possible increase in the number of large earthquakes, especially around the equator.
<p>This weekend will offer a brief reprieve from rain, snow and wind in the Northwest before another system moves onshore on Sunday night.</p><p></p>
A powerful new weather satellite launched Wednesday will ensure uninterrupted forecasting
Greek authorities say three more people have been found dead from a flash flood that hit a district west of Athens.
The Leonid meteor shower peaks this week. Here are some photos of what it looks like.
CBS4's Matt Kroschel thinks some of the skiers on the slopes on Friday may have called in sick. But he's "not naming any names."
<p>A brief shot of cold air and biting winds will force residents of the midwestern and northeastern United States to bundle up this weekend.</p>
As a storm system moves through the northeast this weekend, Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari tracks the affects on Thanksgiving travel across the country.
Warmer-than-average temperatures were felt around the globe.
The annual Leonid meteor shower is upon us. Look up at the right place in the sky at the right time in the night and…
<p>Rescue crews were searching Friday for six people missing from deadly flash floods that killed at least 16 near Athens, as new storms hit the Greek capital.</p>
<p>The White House plans to ask the U.S. Congress on Friday for about $45 billion in additional aid for disaster relief to cover damage from hurricanes that struck Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida and other disaster damage, a congressional aide said on late Thursday. The request would be significantly short of what some government officials say is needed.</p>
An elongated area of low pressure from southwest to northeast across the southwestern and central Caribbean Sea has a 20 percent chance of turning into a cyclone in the next 48 hours, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said on Thursday.
The best images of weather around the world this week.&nbsp;
Thanks to NASA — and the laws of physics — 293 coastal cities can now know which specific glaciers pose the most dangers to them if they melt.
<p>There were several factors for the above-normal activity.</p>
LOS ANGELES - For decades, Southern California has waged a slow but successful war on smog. Through vehicle emissions rules, clean-fuel standards and other tough measures, officials have lifted the choking pall of air pollution that once shrouded Los Angeles, bringing clearer skies and healthier lungs. But now, progress appears to be faltering. Smog has gotten worse for the second straight ...
The West Coast is bracing for yet another round of storms that will bring heavy winds, rain and snow to the region over the next week.
Meteorologist Domenica Davis looks at the forecast for a late-week storm bringing cold temperatures to the Northeast just in time for Thanksgiving.
Forecasters at NOAA have predicted how cold it's going to be across the country this winter.
<p>The annual Leonid meteor shower will be visible with clear skies for stargazers across parts of the western, central and southern United States during its peak on Friday night into Saturday morning.</p>
America Recycles Day is on Wednesday, and the green holiday exists for good reason: Recycling helps keep rubbish off the roads, reduces the need for Earth-scarring metal-mining operations, and fuels industry...
Pacific Gas and Electric Co. was blamed in three lawsuits filed Tuesday for negligence in the wildfires that killed...
Officials have postponed the California launch of a new type of U.S. weather satellite intended to improve the accuracy of extended forecasts.
<p>How likely is a white Christmas in your city?&nbsp;<span style="font-size:13px;">We take a look at the historical data.</span></p>
So much for the storm of the century. A new study suggests that massive hurricanes like Harvey are expected to strike Houston and Texas with much greater frequency in the future than they do now. Blame our changing climate. According to a study published Monday in PNAS, the odds of Harvey-like rains drenching the city of Houston will grow from 1 in 2,000 at the beginning of the 21st century to ...
Strong winds in western Washington felled trees, causing several injuries and killing a woman in her car with her 2-year-old child, authorities said Monday.
With the wettest storm of the season expected to roll into the Bay Area on Wednesday, residents in sections of the North Bay ravaged by October wildfires are being warned of buckling roads, landslides, sinkholes and possible evacuations.&nbsp;
<p>While warmth builds in the Southwest, re-surging cold air may trigger frequent snow in the Great Lakes and help spin up a storm along the East Coast around Thanksgiving Day.</p>
In 1992, scientists warned humanity about a host of impending ecological disasters. A quarter-century later, most of them have gotten worse.
The Trump administration’s debut at the United Nations climate conference in Bonn, Germany, was met with heckling, noisy protest and harsh questions.
<p>ANKARA, Nov 14 (Reuters) - Rescue operations have ended in areas of Iran hit by a powerful weekend earthquake that killed at least 450 people and injured thousands, state television reported on Tuesday, as many survivors, in need of food and water, battled the cold.</p>
<p>A disruptive storm packing rain, wind and snow may evolve in the eastern half of the United States as Thanksgiving travel begins to ramp up late this week and into next weekend.</p>
<p>As winter approaches we take a look at the dates of the average first snowfall in different cities in the U.S.</p>
Global carbon pollution rose this year after three straight years when levels of the heat-trapping gas didn't go up at all, scientists reported Monday.
The rise would end three years of flat carbon emissions – a ‘huge leap backward’ say some scientists, while others say the longer term trend is more hopeful.
<p>Pope Francis blasted "shortsighted human activity" for global warming and urged leaders at climate talks in Germany to take a global outlook as they negotiate ways to curb heat-trapping emissions.</p>
Friday morning also brought the first snow of the season, with flurries falling across the area
These are the major earthquakes to strike Iran in recent decades.