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Winter Care Package...


If you want to use our Winter Care Package, you will save yourself unnecessary stress on the condition of your apartment while you are away from Bulgaria. Typically, during the winter season the building is uninhabitable and because of the low temperatures the water in the pipes can freeze, which will inevitably lead to water leakage in your and neighboring apartments. Moreover, the appearance of moisture and mold is often a phenomenon in apartments that do not ventilate for a long time. In order to prevent any damage, we strongly advise you to take a look at  our services during the winter season. Please note that we are not responsible for damage to your apartment caused by frost, water leakage, and moisture loss if you refuse to use the Winter Care package.



Checking apartments after their owners' departure, bringing the tables and chairs infrom the terraces, waterspouts cleaning, regularly checking and airing the apartment in the winter, checking electrical aplliances, draining water supply, sewerage system + one thorough cleaning of the apartment /windows, terraces, bathroom and toilet, air conditioner/in April.



Studio - 60 EUR

1-bedroom apartment - 80EUR

2-bedroom apartment - 90 EUR




Preparing the property for the winter season after your departure

- Defrosting, cleaning and disconnecting the refrigerator from the mains

- Stopping the water

- We stop the power from the main switchboard

- Moving the furniture away from the walls, opening the doors of cabinets and wardrobes, drawers, etc. For ventilation and protection against moisture and mold. 


Current maintenance of the property 

- We ventilate the apartment, open the windows and doors once a week

- We conduct a weekly check of the apartment for moisture and mold and remove them if available

- We prepare weekly status reports for your apartment (we will notify you immediately and we will do our best to remove them)

- We assist in repair work in your apartment. The access of workers to your home is only happening in our presence. We draw up a report of the work done and issue a receipt.


Preparation of the property for the summer season

-  Cleaning of your apartment for the beginning of the summer season (includes cleaning of rooms, cupboards and terrace, washing utensils, bed linen and towels).

- Filling the boiler with water and checking the plumbing installations

- Check all electrical appliances and plug the refrigerator into the mains. 


We also offer:

- Pay all accounts - Including the use of cable television, electricity, water, tax payments, etc.

- We present invoices and receipts for all readings of the meter and the water meter in your apartment

- Keeping keys from your apartament



- For double room and studio - 200 Euro

- For one-bedroom apartment - 220 Euro

- For two bedroom apartment - 240 Euro. 


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